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Shooting Video

Shooting video for use on the SheIS Sports Network? Here are some tips on how to shoot winning content.


  1. Device Settings

    • 30 to 60 frames per second (FPS)

    • 1080p HD or higher

    • Stereo audio 48 Khz

  2. Location​

    • Inside​

    • Outside

  3. Dos and Don'ts​

    • When outside, shoot with the sun behind you to light up your subject​

    • When shooting on your phone, landscape (horizontal) is better than vertical for editing and presentation on multiple devices

    • Avoid logos and branded backdrops to prevent visual noise and copyright issues

    • Do not add music you do not own copyright to

    • If you own the copyright; grant SheIS right to use copyrighted content (including music) across platforms

    • Avoid sensitive content

    • Keep your subject in the centre of the frame when possible

  4. Extra Gear​

    • Use optional extra gear for best quality. Consider:

      • Tripod keeps video smooth​

      • Mic the subject you're interviewing

      • Additional mic on your device to pickup sound from the game

      • Light ring pointed at subject's face during interviews

  5. Plan Your Shoot​

    • Create a shot list ahead of the event​ to help you plan out what footage you want to get

    • Plan to shoot some "b-roll" as well as the game to set the scene and capture interesting moments outside of the game

    • Shoot your plan


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