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SheIS Joins The Women's Sports Club

Denver CO ( April 10th, 2023) || SheIS and SheIS Sports Network are proud to announce that we have joined the Women's Sports Club as its newest member. The Women's Sports Club, powered by Ally, is a curated network formed to drive dollars and spending in women's sports. Members of the Women’s Sports Club include "the brands who invest in sponsorships, media companies who sell, and content creators and producers in women's sports. The club convenes around tentpole industry events to foster the breakthrough conversations that result in action." Please visit the site to learn more:

The SheIS Sports Network, launched in May 2018, is the first organization to bring together leagues, organizations, athletes, and business leaders from across the men’s and women's sports world in support of one mission – to connect with and mobilize fans to grow women's sports.

SheIS Sports Network is a mobile app and platform that aggregates women's sports for fans globally; it can also be white-labeled and reskinned for leagues, teams, athletes. Unlike any other sports app, fans can upload their own content to the app and will soon be able to live-stream as well, making our app more of a direct engagement TikTok -like vertical scroll experience for fans and athletes.

SheIS Founder and President, Brenda Andress said, "We are delighted and looking forward to our new membership with the Women’s Sports Club . Working together to improve women’s representation at all levels is important to grow all aspects of our sports."

About SheIS:

Founded in 2017 and launched on May 1, 2018, SheIS was established to use the power of sports to create a future of, by, and for strong women. Its mission is to connect with and mobilize fans to grow women’s sports by driving attendance and viewership of women’s sports at all levels, connecting through storytelling to inspire fans to action, and centralizing resources to foster the sustainable growth of women’s sports. For the first time, the SheIS Collective includes leaders from every major sport, leagues and organizations to stand together in support of a single cause. To learn more, visit

About SheIS Sports Network:

Founded in 2021 and slated to launch in 2023. Using our unique proprietary technology, we have created an aggregated app with all women’s sports content, which can also be white-labeled for leagues, teams and athletes. Our design build uses modern extensible technologies, unmatched by legacy platforms and other organizations. We have built our own commenting engine, favourites and personalization algorithm, and automated UI and background content translations so the app can be used in 20 languages. We have built proprietary workflow tech that aggregates sports data onto a Google Cloud Platform, where much of the backend app processes, data and content reside, ready to scale. Unlike any other sports app, fans and athletes can engage directly to add content and live-stream. Unlike traditional sports apps, our content is a full-screen experience with vertical swiping for a TikTok-like vertical scrolling experience. To learn more, visit or email us at

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