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From pivot to product in 3 months; how we built a modern app for women's sports (part 1 of 3)

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Principles and lessons learned while building a product addressing one of the largest untapped growth markets still left in sports, and how we got to beta in under 3 months.


Six years ago, the former commissioner of the Canadian Women's Hockey League and now founder of SheIS Sports Network, Brenda Andress, launched SheIS, a charitable foundation whose aim was to grow women's sports. For Brenda and colleagues like her, women's sports was a passion, and a career. Passion for the charity's mission fuelled people around the world to take part, and the SheIS Collective was born-- a group of people and organizations who invested time and effort into campaigns that reached 280M people.

Since then, women's sports has continued to grow in demand, but fans still struggle to access them. A lot has been studied and published on this, including that 84% of sports fans want to watch women's sports, but that only 4% of women's sports are covered.1

With the momentum of women's sports continuing to surge, what industry is realizing is that when coverage and access meets demand, the women's sports business, like its athletes, perform phenomenally.

Headlines related to success of women's sports

Also changing are the needs and expectations of sports fans in terms of how and when they watch, share and engage with sports and athletes, coalescing into the new Fluid Fan.

Knowing that the passion is there, the market is there, the demand is growing, coverage choices are few, and wayfinding complicated, Brenda and her co-founder Gerry decided to spin off a commercial arm of SheIS with the mission of creating a platform that aggregates all women's sports from around the world. We would build something to help fans follow and interact with their favourite athletes, find where to watch the game and discover the latest happening in the women's sports world. SheIS Sports Network was born, with the team joining in 2022. Now we had to build the product.

Visit next week for part 2 of 3, the story of how we did it, principles that guided us and lessons learned along the way.


Tune-in to read part 2 of 3 next week, February 24th.


By Guinevere Orvis, February 17, 2023


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